Book Formatting

Ebook formatting, including mobi, epub, rtf
There are a lot of options for a self-published author when it comes to sites or services to upload their book, it’s important that your book is in the right file format for whichever site you’ve chosen. We will work with you to make certain you have what you need to release a perfect ebook.

Paperback formatting
For those that want to see their book sitting on a shelf. No matter the trim size or page count you choose we can create a beautiful book you can be proud of.
As part of this service we can also offer, upon request:
Custom Chapter Headers
Paperback cover PDF

Cost: $300

Ultimate Launch Promo Booster (via SFF Book Bonanza)

Your book is ready to go, but why not launch it in style? This package gives your book the send-off it deserves, with a slew of promotions from SFF Book Bonanza, ad placements, giveaways, and more. You’ll grow your platform presence across the board, giving you that much-needed social proof to help readers decide to read your work. If you’re looking to grow your newsletter, you’ll find no better way than here. You’ll also receive top-quality promotional graphics to help set you apart from the competition. These are the tried-and-tested methods of a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, and are sure to give your book the jump-start it needs.

1 or 2 month promo, catered to launch strategy. Promo includes $100 giveaway prize.

Launch Promo Features:

  1. Feature on the New Release Promo page for launch month (or month after launch if launching at end of month)
  2. Feature on the Spotlight page for launch week
  3. Headline feature in SFFBB newsletter (35k) in launch week (typically goes out on a Monday)
  4. Feature in Kindle Unlimited Promo (if applicable) for launch month
  5. Pre-order promo push via giveaway (if applicable)
  6. Launch promo push via giveaway
  7. Amazon Giveaways push on launch day
  8. $10 Facebook launch day/week ad to targeted SFFBB audience (budget can be expanded outside of package)

Platform Presence Features:

  1. Boost followers/likes on social media (Facebook, Twitter, + 1 More of Choice)
  2. Get likes, shares and comments on launch promo post (on author’s profile)
  3. Launch share on SFFBB social media
  4. Boost Amazon follower count
  5. Boost Goodreads follower count
  6. Get readers to add book to Goodreads ‘to read’ lists or rate if they’ve read
  7. Boost BookBub follower count

Newsletter Growth Features:

(If author has or wants to grow their newsletter)

  1. Boost newsletter numbers
  2. Advice on newsletter sign-up page
  3. Advice on newsletter autoresponder

Promotional Graphic Features:

  1. Custom-made Facebook page launch banner
  2. 3D cover art
  3. Three launch promo images for social media and/or ads
  4. Three quote-based promo images for social media buzz
  5. Giveaway promo image

Cost: $300 (Value $400+)

Book Packaging and Launch Consultation:

To be in the best possible position come launch day, a lot goes into preparing the “product” (your book/s) for release. This service includes a thorough analysis that covers every aspect of that product to maximize saleability:
– Book Blurb
– Book Covers
– Amazon Categories/Keywords
– Hook Opening Scene (first 1-3 chapters)
– Ad Planning (Facebook, Amazon, BookBub)
– Promo Site Selection
– Specific Author/Ad Targeting

Plus, learn the skills for business, marketing, and advertising required to become a successful author-preneur:
– Newsletter list analysis and growth plan
– Budgeting for Books/Series
– Newsletter Swaps
– Standard/Rapid Release Planning
– Long-term Strategies for Your Books/Series
– Product (book/series) analysis for read-through
– Author growth and recommended resources
With step-by-step, in-person guidance and a detailed action plan from an Amazon #1 Best-selling author, you’ll walk away ready to launch this—and every book thereafter—with the highest chance of success.

Cost: $350

Copyediting and Line Editing:

Regardless of whether an agent, publisher, or reader is delving into your work, there are few things more nightmarish than a mistake or misplaced word. Our copyediting service, which checks for the nitty-gritty of spelling, grammar, and formatting, is paired with a full round of line editing to ensure that your prose is smooth and coherent. This is a bare-bones essential before your book goes into the world, but offered with laser precision at a rate that beats nearly any competitor.

Cost: 0.007 per word

Publicity Services:

If a book launches in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sale? Our promotional campaigns, which are offered in one-month blocks, help to thrust your book into the public spotlight and increase reader awareness. Our comprehensive strategy is composed of elements such as podcasts, interview spots, book-of-the-day advertisements, and other relevant channels.

We aren’t just another faceless “book tour” company, either—you’ll be able to provide input on both the timing and content of these promo spots. Through these targeted campaigns, we will ensure that your work lands squarely in the public eye across a range of high-engagement social media platforms and fantasy sites.

Cost: $350 for 3 months of service

Developmental Editing and Feedback:

A chart-topping book is more than top-notch prose. It’s also a matter of believable characters, white-knuckle plotting, and high stakes. How do you make sure your book meets the grade? Ironclad’s Developmental Editing and Feedback service offers you one-on-one mentorship with a professionally published fantasy author who studied under Andre Dubus III, one of America’s top literary novelists. This service takes a holistic approach to your book in order to highlight its strengths and correct any gaps in its armor. Once our editor has read your full manuscript, you will receive a detailed 3-4 page letter with specific feedback for pacing, chapter arcs, character development, and more. This will also be accompanied by an hourlong Skype session with the editor that allows you to delve deeper into questions about your novel and writing style in general. This is more than a tune-up for your current project—it’s an investment in your writing career.”

Cost: $250

Package Deals & Discounts

Pick any 2 and take $20 off of each service price

Pick any 3 and take $30 off of each service price

Pick 4 or more services and take $50 off of each service price

Suggested package blends:

  • Book Packaging and Launch Consultation & Ultimate Promo Booster
  • E-book formatting, Line Editing and Developmental editing and Feedback
  • Book Packaging and Launch Consultation and Publicity Services
  • Ultimate Promo Booster and Publicity Services

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