Here you’ll find just a small sample of the authors we’ve worked with and how they found our individual or collective services.

Testimonials for Michael Evan

“I worked with Michael for several months and was very pleased with his help. He does a good job helping authors get more exposure. In my case, he helped me land a publishing deal, which was really what I needed to move forwards with my work. Michael knows a lot of people and has a lot of insider information that is crucial in establishing a foothold for an obscure author. ”

Matthew P. Gilbert, author of The Sins of The Fathers Trilogy

“Michael Evan has provided me opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve by myself. He took the leg work out of scheduling and contacting people so I didn’t need to worry about it.”

Noelle Nichols, author of Shadow’s Hand

Testimonials for Dean F. Wilson and SFF Book Bonanza

“There are many people on the internet, and in the indie author community who claim to be great promoters. The various places we hang out are littered with self promotion posts, promising outsized success if only you’ll part with thousands of dollars.

“Dean takes a different approach. His mantra appears to be to underpromise, and overdeliver. I’ve been impressed with him and what his services do, since I ran into him on a forum last year. Having booked many a Bookbub and Goodreads builder with him, I can say with conviction that if he gives you his word on something, it happens. Period. Full stop.

“I directly credit Dean with taking my Bookbub followers from three to nearly a thousand, and to helping me successfully launch my first series. You won’t go wrong using any of his services from promos to list building.”

Daniel Gibbs, author of the Echoes of War series

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Testimonials for Andy Peloquin

“Wow! Andy’s action plan was more than I expected! I’ve been researching book marketing for eight years and what Andy created was truly spectacular! An incredible comprehensive action plan–including prelaunch, launch, and post-launch strategies!

“From keywords and categories to blurbs, mailing lists, budgeting, swaps, ads and paid promotion sites, and additional resources. This was not only an eye-opener, but a serious time and money saver! (And that’s coming from someone who has read over 70 marketing books and taken four marketing courses from some amazing gurus!)

“His live call was not only informative, but a lot of fun. He has such a vibrant personality. I’ve read some of his fantasy books and I know how much research and attention to detail he puts into his own world and characters. He does the same for his action plan. His books have won awards and earn Amazon #1 bestseller tags on a regular basis, so I know he knows what he’s talking about, and I am confident that by using these strategies, my launch will be that much stronger! I highly recommend using him.”

Angel Haze, author of the Battleborn series